Cast Adrift, 2024


Anne Zahalka is one of Australia’s most highly-regarded photo-media artists having exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas for more than thirty years.

Anne Zahalka (1957– ) is one of Australia’s most highly regarded photo-media artists with a career spanning 40 years. Her work explores cultural and environmental points of tension, interrogating them with humour and a critical perspective. Her practice deconstructs familiar scenes, re-presenting them to allow for alternative narratives that reflect on cultural diversity within Australian society and the ecological impact of the global climate crisis.

A landmark artist in Australian contemporary art, the searching quality of her direct images deal with the history and culture of this country. She has held more than 40 solo exhibitions and been curated into exhibitions across the world, including the Australian Embassy in Washington, the Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2023, Anne won the prestigious Bowness Photography Prize for her Kunstkammer. Appreciated by audiences and curators alike, her work starts conversations.

Anne Zahalka is represented by ARC ONE Gallery, Melbourne and Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney