1989 – 2013

City Gallery, Melbourne

30 May – 30 June 1990


Readymade Boomerang, Biennale of Sydney, Art Gallery of New South Wales

11 April – 3 June 1990


Hall of Mirrors: Anne Zahalka Portraits 1987 – 2007, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

23 March – 12 May 2007


Anne Zahalka and her Amazing Artists, Concordia Gallery, Stanmore

23 September – 3 November 2013


An ongoing series of portraits examining the mythologies surrounding the figure of the artist.

“Zahalka has approached the task of portraying the artist with a parodic and affectionate levity which belies any concerns such a project might initially suggest…”

“That the works benefit from a collaborative investment from both parties (the artist as imaged/the artist at camera) is no better confirmed than the two images of Peter Tyndall. There, as artist gazed on artist (the Kodak frame is Zahalka’s ‘eye’, her self-reference) an interactive performance and gameplay subverts the transparency, the hierarchies, and the sham seriousness of the Artist who plays the role of Hero for an unseen but assumed audience.” – Extract from essay in “artists” catalogue by Michele Helmrich, 1990.

hall of mirrors
centre for
contemporary photography

anne zahalka
& her amazing artists
concordia gallery