Incommensurable at ANU Drill Hall Gallery

by | Mar 12,2018

Incommensurable – photomedia in the era of globalisation
Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra
23 February – 8 April 2018

Anne Zahalka, Ciara O’Brien, David Stephenson, Martin Walch, Merilyn Fairskye, Nick Danziger

Curated by Terence Maloon

In even the most perfunctory effort to describe the characteristic phenomena of our age, we are struck time and again by how much the world is out of joint – by the incredible disparities in the circumstances and conditions of different parts of society and different parts of the world, in people’s lived experience and what they can possibly hope for.

Curated by Terence Maloon, the works in this exhibition by Nick Danziger, Merilyn Fairskye, Ciara O’Brien, David Stephenson, Martin Walch, Anne Zahalka set up conflicting perspectives that highlight some of the more troubling aspects of our globalised age.

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