Realising Mother at Kudos Gallery

by | Nov 14,2017

Realising Mother
Kudos Gallery, Paddington
1-18 November 2017

Denise Ferris, Sally McInerney, Julie Sundberg, Anke Stäcker, Deborah Kelly, Raphaela Rosella, Miho Watanabe, Sarah Rhodes, Teena McCarthy, Clare Rae, Donna Bailey, Anne Zahalka, Rafaela Pandolfini, Theresa Byrnes and Lottie Consalvo

Curated Zorica Purlija

Realising Mother is an exhibition presenting photographic, video and blog works by a collection of emerging and established Australian women artists. The exhibition investigates the role of the mother in our culture and the histories that continue to shape that role.

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Anne Zahalka, ‘Rewriting 2017’ 2017. Video production: Orson Heidrich. Pinboard: letters, photographs and other ephemera, 81 x 50.5cm.