of things

Arc One Gallery, Melbourne

29 June – 24 July 2010


A collection of photographs taken in the homes of artists and collectors no longer living.

These photographs, taken within the homes of artists and collectors no longer alive, are embedded with their history and stories evident through the possessions left behind. Recording these riches was a very intimate experience – a strong sense of the person and the things they loved and collected. Peering into the rooms, drawers, bookshelves and cupboards was so compelling and revealing. It is a very private space and I feel I am an intruder recording their essence. It’s like being in someone’s home and having the pleasure of casting our eyes across the surfaces of their things.

The intimacy established between myself and the camera and the objects before me provides and even closer relationship to the materials. How intimate the space is between the eye and the viewfinder – my eyelashes gently touching the window, sharing a field of vision. The camera creates a private space behind which the photographer can gaze and hide. It allows them to see without being seen.